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Contribute to the development of Biomedical Engineering in the country, generating high-level research with specific applications and a close relationship with the medical and private enterprise. All with the primary aim of contributing to the welfare of the patient.


In 2016 the Research Group in Bioelectronics and Clinical Engineering will be consolidated as the major center of research in biomedical engineering from the region of Antioquia in the fields of biomedical signal processing and medical imaging, clinical engineering and biomedical instrumentation, supporting programs MA and Ph.D. in Bioengineering.


Develop, implement and adapt methodologies and engineering tools for the appropriate use of technology in biological and medical disciplines in order to improve the quality of healthcare services.


Biomedical Images, Signals And Systems

In this line of research biological phenomena in general is studied and modeled and signal processing  and medical image processing techniques are developed. The developments made in the context of this research are applied to the treatment, rehabilitation, diagnostics and training in the biomedical field.

Biomedical instrumentation

In this division biomedical devices are designed, built and characterized for specific applications in various fields such as anesthesiology, mechanical ventilation, neurosurgery, medicine and physical rehabilitation at home. 

Clinical Engineering

Clinical Engineering Division, develops and evaluates technology management models, maintenance, metrology and risk management in hospitals. Also offers consulting services in all areas mentioned above, and particularly in processes of quality assurance and purchase of biomedical equipment.