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Four examples of how royalties impacts science in Medellin

Simulators for neurosurgeons, solar cells with nanoparticles, telecare health services for remote areas, besides a bank of tissues and cells, are four of the 21 projects implemented in Medellin with 74.582 million pesos in royalties Fund science, Technology and Innovation (CTI).

This bag of resources to CTi, already approved in Antioquia 178,409,000 pesos and in Medellin, Route N is the corporation responsible for ensuring the implementation of these resources in order to increase the competitiveness of the city. Read more.


Cassandra on RCN News


At the University of Antioquia

In order to reduce maternal mortality from postpartum hemorrhage, Cassandra simulator came more than a year ago at the Faculty of Medicine thanks to the management of the research groups Nacer, sexual and reproductive health, and GIBIC, Bioinstrumentation Research Group and Clinical Engineering. In the Alma Mater Newspaper there are more news about our research. See full new

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What recursion! Inflatable doll to give classes of medicine at the UdeA

Maternal mortality was an issue of public health, which identified the Nacer Research Group at the University of Antioquia. Thus it was born the guide Code Red, which has allowed contributing to the decline in maternal mortality from hemorrhage in Medellin, Antioquia and Colombia, and so became a national benchmark and ultimately internationally. Read more.


Cassandra innovation to save the lives of future mothers

Fourteen months work undertaken by five bioengineers of Bioinstrumentation and Clinical Engineering Research Group - GIBIC allowed liven Casandra, a simulator a built in order to prevent maternal mortality postpartum hemorrhage. Read more.