Neuronavigation system



General Information

Daubara NS-Trainer is a neurosurgical simulation system for training in neurosurgical procedures. It consists of a mannequin head, an electromagnetic navigation, a set of models of surgical instruments and a graphical user interface to provide visual feedback paths instruments. The system allows residents in neurosurgery simulations biopsy, tumor resection and ventriculostomy, improve their skills in surgical planning, visoespacialidad and, importantly, have the 3D model of any patient to practice the possibilities of a surgical approach later going into surgery safer.


  • Alher Mauricio Hernández, PhD. 

Associated Researchers

  • Juan Diego Lemos Duque, Ing. MSc. 
  • Jhon Jairo Velásquez Sepúlveda, Ing.
  • Jhon Fredy Ochoa Gómez, Ing. MSc
  • Andrés Felipe Vallejo Aristizábal, Ing.
  • Daniel Estrada Gutiérrez, Ing.

Founding Sources

  • Sistema General de Regalías SGR