Laparoscopy Simulator



General Information

The surgical simulator Surgical Science is a system for training and simulation of different types of laparoscopic surgery based on virtual reality techniques. It includes simulation modules for training in procedures such as cholecystectomy, appendectomy, advanced suture anastomosis, gynecology, hysterectomy, bariatric surgery and nephrectomy, which offer the user training in these procedures and the opportunity to develop skills in the handling of instruments Laparoscopic. The simulator has a system of haptic feedback force (recreates the resistance of the structures involved in an intervention) with 5 degrees of freedom in motion detection; this means that the system can monitor the following movements: insertion (front / rear), vertical (up / down), horizontal (left / right), rotation, opening and closing of the handles (instrumental grip). The force feedback is synchronized for each year and dependent on the user's movement.


  • Alher Mauricio Hernández, PhD. 

Associated Researchers

  • Andrés Felipe Botero Ospina, Ing. 
  • Jorge Iván Lopez Jaramillo, Surgeon.

Founding Sources

  • Sistema General de Regalías SGR

Associated Institutions

  • Surgical Science
  • Facultad de Medicina - Centro de Simulación