Neurosurgery Simulator



General Information

Neurosurgery is a broad medical specialty and from the surgical point of view, covers the treatment of patients with a wide variety of diseases of the nervous system. Performing neurosurgical procedures then a challenge for surgeons, because for any such intervention a sense of three-dimensional spatial perception of diagnostic imaging and brain anatomy of the patient is required in addition to proper handling of instruments Surgical; the acquisition of these skills can only be achieved through continued practical experience. The neurosurgery simulator has been developed, is a sophisticated tool designed for alternative, free practice and risk simulation for residents mature capabilities in surgical planning and implementation of basic neurosurgical procedures. Given the vastness of the field work of the neurosurgeon, it has defined the working area of ​​the simulator to the skull, as this is where the most complex surgical approaches are made and have chosen two of the most common interventions to those faced by residents know: Removing biopsies (which can easily be extrapolated to the realization of ventriculostomies) and tumor resection. It has also developed a training module as visuospatial found that spatial perception is a fundamental ability for a neurosurgeon.


  • Alher Mauricio Hernández, PhD. 

Associated Researchers

  • Juan Diego Lemos Duque, Ing. MSc. 
  • Jhon Jairo Velásquez Sepúlveda, Ing.
  • Juan Fernando Arias, Neurosurgeon., MSc Candidate

Founding Sources

  • Sistema General de Regalías SGR.