Odontology Simulator



General Information

Dental procedures require adequate training of specialists in order to avoid errors in the procedures they perform, in the case of the application of anesthesia special skills are required to carry it out correctly. Training in the application of dental anesthesia has traditionally been overseen by experienced teachers and requires the use of students to undergo this procedure. Against this we have developed a simulator that allows the procedure referred to and which has conditions similar to the real, also part of the project as a digital file (3D) of the elements of the simulator was obtained. The system consists dental simulator comprises a dummy that includes sensors for detecting anesthesia and electronic cards that perform processing and reproduce the desired sounds.


  • Alher Mauricio Hernández, PhD. 

Associated Researchers

  • Andrés Felipe Vallejo Aristizábal, Ing.  
  • Luis Alberto Zapata Serna, Dentist.
  • Andrés Felipe Castaño Franco, Ing.

Founding Sources

  • Sistema General de Regalías SGR

Associated Institutions

  • Facultad de Odontología - Grupo de investigación Biomateriales en Odontología.