Images, Signals And Systems

In this research we are studied and mathematically model biological phenomena in general and techniques of signal processing and medical imaging are developed. The developments made within the framework of this research are applied to the treatment, rehabilitation, diagnosis and training in the biomedical field.


Biomedical instrumentation

In this line of research we design, construct and characterize biomedical devices for specific applications in different fields such as mechanical ventilation, neurosurgery, home medicine, anesthesiology and physical rehabilitation.

Clinical Engineering

By the UN Centre Management Technology in Health that is in process of consolidation, Clinical Engineering Line develops and evaluates Models of Technology Management , maintenance , metrology and risk management in the hospital setting . Offers consulting services in all the above the fields, and particularly in : assurance processes Quality and Acquisition and Validation of biomedical equipment . : Also offers Project Management Models for External Entities Requiring advice commissioning planning and implementation of projects , especially focused on the area of health.


With recent advances in nanotechnology, new techniques for diagnosis and treatment of diseases high impact as Alzheimer's and other neurological disorders develop.


In this line of research devices biomechanical analysis for clinical and athletic environments by studying the behavior of heart valves, motion analysis and general purpose robotic systems are designed; besides modeling and evaluation of prosthetic and orthotic systems through a doctoral thesis that is running on prosthetic alignment technique low-cost projects.