Medical Images, Signals And Systems

Development of the odontology trainer. Mechanical Ventilator Trainer.
Recording Signals from a patient in a ICU. Tractography.

This division brings together the research projects related to  signal and  images processing, systems and identification techniques in order   to develop useful tools in medical diagnostics and  devices for biomedical applications.

Modeling physiological processes

This research deals with the identification, adjustment and implementation of models physiological, pathological and its interaction with biomedical devices and environmental conditions in order to develop training systems, modules useful in planning and teaching medicine and biomedical engineering.

Simulation Tools for Medical Training

This project seeks to structure a technological platform focused on the development of systems that allow the teaching and training in the medical field, including various specializations. The development of macro and micro simulators involves the active participation and contributions from medical doctors and bioengineers and requires the participation of different companies in order to guarantee the serial production and comercialization of the derived simulators.

Data processing for neurodegenerative diseases - short description


This research seeks information from biopotentials and neuroimages concerning brain functions and neurophysiological changes associated with neurodegenerative processes, particularly in Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and Epilepsy.

Development of Neurosurgery Training Systems

Neurosurgery Training Systems: The objective of this research is to develop systems that include hardware and software training in highly complex neurosurgical procedures and facilitate surgical planning. The systems developed are also useful in the evaluation of surgical skill.

Analysis of respiratory muscle signals for therapy and rehabilitation

This research seeks information relevant to the activity of the respiratory muscles by non-invasive techniques for the development of biomedical equipment to support the diagnosis and therapy of mechanically ventilated patients.