Simulator Of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Functions

The simulator of cardiovascular and respiratory functions is an application developed for mobile devices of the iOS platform that aims to consolidate the user's knowledge of cardiovascular and respiratory physiology in a interactive manner. The application, intended primarily for the training of physicians and other professionals in the health care area, relays its functional core on two mathematical models, which model the cardiovascular and respiratory systems as control plants, allowing to simulate behaviors of these physiological systems to various stimuli to which they are subject, whether in the course of everyday activities, such as exercise, sleep or activity at altitude, or situations associated with medical conditions or diseases such as bleeding, the presence of various drugs and chronic illnesses. To visualize the behavior of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, the most representative physiological variables are used, which can be demonstrated system dynamics and graphically presents the variation in the time after the instant of application of the stimulus. Physiological variables of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems are independently selected.