In this research line biomedical devices are simulated, designed, built and characterized for specific applications in various fields such as mechanical ventilation, neurosurgery, home health care and physical rehabilitation. Additionally, in this research line, instrumentation for medical simulators useful in training and surgery planing are designed and produced at prototype level.


Biomedical Devices

daubara neurosurgery navigation system

Daubara Neurosurgery navigation system


Foot pressure analyzer

wearable vital signs monitor

Wearable vital signs monitor

transport vital signs monitor

Transport vital signs monitor


interface for vital signs transmission from ambulances

Interface for vital signs transmission from ambulances



This research line look for developing new devices for telemonitoring, noninvasive devices for cardiovascular and respiratory diagnosis, physical rehabilitation and neurosurgery. Some of our milestones are a wearable vital signs monitor, a device useful in the transmission of data from home and during the patient transport in terrestrial and aerial ambulances, a neurosurgery navigation system and a foot pressure system useful in biomechanics. Currently, we are working on new devices for critical care patients monitoring, cardiovascular monitoring in pregnant and nano carriers tracking system for genetics therapies. PhD, MSc and Bioengineering students are involved in our projects concerning biomedical instrumentation.



Medical Simulators

red code

Post-Partum simulator


Dentistry Simulator

Instrumented Glove.

Instrumented glove

neurosurgery  training system

Daubara Neurosurgery training system


The focus of this research and developing line is giving support to the Universidad de Antioquia Medicine School in fields where commercial brands don’t produce medical simulators or the prices are prohibitive. Our devices respond to the need of diverse fields like Gyneco-obstetric, Dentistry, neurosurgery and eye surgery. Some of our milestones are simulators that are currently used by medicine students in our Simulation Center. MSc and Bioengineering students are involved in our projects of simulators developing.

Integrated system for continuous monitoring of patients in home, intrahospital and mobility environments for new models of care and market.

The aim of this project is to consolidate an equipment and services production network, integrated into the export chain of health services, technologically independent, offering innovative alternatives for the monitoring and timely answers to the health issues of those  patients  that require safe transportation services and continuous monitoring, guaranteeing  high quality standards.