Post Market Services

 Post Market Services




Support in hospital infrastructure development


Our center provides advice and support in processes of design, construction and renovation of hospital infrastructure that not only is leveled to technical standards, but also allows to set internal quality processes according to criteria of certification and accreditation.



Biomedical technology Management services 


In our center we care to use quality standards that the current market demands. We have experience to advise throughout the entire cycle of technology management at your institution, from the estimation of technological needs, the evaluation process for the acquisition of technology, purchasing and tender processes, maintenance, prolongation and verification of technology services. 




Biomedical maintenance training


We contribute to quality assurance and improvement in the productivity of companies through training services, consulting and implementation of medical monitoring equipment, according to the specific needs of your institution, aimed at professional and technical staff of clinical engineering department or biomedical maintenance.


Habilitation, certification and accreditation processes auditing

To certify the quality of internal processes in a company is an issue of particular concern because their length and complexity can make a difference in attention to its users, it is why our this project centers to investigate best practices and advise health companies on developing models and processes that have been recognized in accordance with national regulations and standards of quality.