Design of evaluation protocols for medical devices

Design of evaluation protocols for medical devices


The evaluation process is carried out not only to verify if the product meets minimum requirements but to propose and establish footholds for the manufacturer be prepared to build a quality device.


Been safety a fundamental criterion in the manufacture and marketing of medical devices, developers must ensure that the devices work at optimum performance for the purpose they were created. 


This project is intended to encompass the different methods that are performed to evaluate medical devices and approaches used in the world and design assessment protocols that allow to evaluate rigorously  a device after having undergone validation tests governed under international standards.



  • Ing. MSc. Javier Hernando García Ramos. 
  • Ing. MBA Juan Guillermo Barreneche Ospina.


Associated Researchers

  • Ing. MSc (c) Juan Camilo Guerrero Valencia.
  • Ing. Mónica Yaneth Ruiz López